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contents of box: One square board marked "base de départ"and 42 bâtons of which 5 are jokers.


Preparing to play.


To start jumana, place all the bâtons face downwards with the blank side upwards.

Each player takes the bâtons in the following way:

from 1 to 4 players, take 5.

from 5 to 6 players, take 3.


How to play.

The youngest player selects 2 extra bâtons and places themwith the marked side,face upwards, on

the arrows marked on the square board.

the game can now commence with players taking turns,hiding their selected bâtons from the other

players.The player to the right of the yougest player is the first to start.

The first player places one of his bâtons as follows:

A bâton with the letter U is placed on another with U, M on one with the letter M, A on A, N on N.

Each bâton must rest on 2 -3 different bâtons.

The Jis the joker and it can replace any letter and can be replaced by any letter.

If a player cannot play , he has take a bâton from the remaining bâtons,and must play it if possible.

If he cannot play this bâton, then he loses his turn and adds the bâton to the others he has.

Play then continues with the next player.




The winner is the first person to place all of his bâtons.

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